Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another first

Sophie said her first prayer all on her own the other day. It was short, sweet and concise. She simply thanked Heavenly Father for chocolate milk. So cute!! :)

Finger painting and Hiking

Good thing it's washable finger paint!

For Labor Day we went to the local National Forest and went hiking.


I have to apologize for not posting anything recently. I have been completely addicted to Facebook. So, then I feel like I'm posting things twice. I know though that some of you aren't on FB so I am going to attempt to be better at updating my blog. Also, since I want to publish my blog at some point to save for years to come.
Here are some things we've been up to in the last couple of months (I will add some random pics in a future post)
-we had a FANTASTIC family trip to Wisconsin
-my cousin came to visit, and she schooled us on Rockband
-Sophie is now 100% paci free
-awesome date nights out to eat Sushi and play pool
-attempting (and what I really mean is FAILING---Katie I could really use your help!!) to organize my house
-chasing after 3 VERY active 'lil munchkins
-cleaning up poop that Joshua has smeared all over himself and the room (4 times)
-getting ready to attempt potty training my daughter (I'm SCARED!)
-and now currently we are getting ready for the boys court hearing on Tuesday (as of right now the social worker is recommending they stay with us.. YAH!)
Mainly we live a pretty mundane life so there hasn't been much to blog about. We love and miss all of you!!!!