Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Good" Morning.....


is what I woke up to, after I took a nap with the boys. Sophie had fun dumping out and playing in our spices from the spice cabinet. The bottom picture is hot chocolate that Sophie had dumped out and turned into a sand box. "Thankfully", Sophie was good enough to keep most of her mess quarantined to her plate. Gotta love having such a quisitive child?!?!?!?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was just looking through old pics on my facebook and got so sad. My kids are just growing up sooo fast. Though I love some of the things they are able to do now, I wish I could slow down time and take a little more time to "smell the roses" and be more appreciative of every moment. They go by so fast. So I guess this is my new challenge to myself AND all of you is to take more time each day to have memorable moments and soak up every bit we have both good and bad.
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To gym or not to gym....???

The big debate of the week is whether or not to join our local efitness. I've been wanting to work out, but with Jon's work schedule and the boys it hasn't been possible to go. Jon has a cheap membership at a different gym, but they don't offer daycare (which is why I haven't been going). So, now the debate.... is it going to be worth the cost to join the gym and be able to work out WITH each other and have daycare provided, or do we save the money and just keep sending Jon to his gym. I guess we will know more tomorrow when we go on a tour.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kids say (and do) the darndest things

#1. Jeremiah was getting ready to head outside today, and I asked what he was doing. I told him he needed a jacket on because it was pretty chilly. He looks at me and says, "that's RIDICULOUS!" I had to walk out of the room because all I could do was laugh hysterically! :)
#2. Sophie has been really into "cleaning" lately. Today she added to her cleaning hijinks. She removed ALL (and I mean ALL) her clothes from her closet and put them in her hamper. Then she VERY proudly came and got me to tell me she had cleaned her closet. While I definitely don't consider this cleaning, at least it gets me motivated to go through her clothes and sort out what doesn't fit anymore.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My next big purchase

We are in DESPERATE need of a new washer/dryer. So, I have finally decided with MUCH prodding from my husband that this will be our next addition to the family. I've never had a really nice washer (we've always bought old used ones) so I am really looking forward to it. The only thing I don't like is that to save money for this bad boy, Jon is not letting us go out to eat AT ALL until this is purchased. It's a really good idea and something we should really do much more often, but I really HATE when someone tells me there is something I can't do. Now it's all I think about. Anyways, here's to cleaner clothes and less money spent on utilities to clean them!

Just say "NO!"

As of today the Larsen household is WITHOUT cable t.v. I'm still kinda freakin out, but I know in the long run it will be really good. I'm definitely going to miss the DVR the most... I LOVE THAT THING... but we still have the internet and LUCKILY they have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse online. I'm greatful for my husband supporting this and I am VERY much looking forward to the $$ this is going to save us!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas from The Larsen's

(this is a copy of the letter that I posted on my Facebook, which was written before Christmas)

First of all.... Sorry for not getting an "actual" letter out this year. Time DEFINITELY got away from me this year.

I can NOT believe that 2010 is already almost over. I haven't even gotten used to writing it yet, and now it's almost 2011. 2010 wasn't necessarily as GREAT as we were hoping but it was still a really good year. Unfortunately, we haven't moved any further with our adoption of the boys, but we are still lucky enough to have them in our life... which we are VERY greatful for!

Jon (37) is still working at the Hard Rock Casino as a Table Games Dealer. Luckily, we were able to get him switched to a new schedule at the beginning of the year, so we have enjoyed having him home Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. This helped ESPECIALLY when we planned our surprise trip to Wisconsin in July. We were able to surprise his family at his Grandparents 90th birthday party. It was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life...seeing the look on their faces as we walked in with all the kids. (If you've never been apart of a big surprise like this.... I FULLY recommend it!) Jon was finally released from his calling as a Primary teacher after 2 years. Now he is enjoying the lull before his next calling.

Franna (30) has been working hard trying to keep up with 3 VERY active kids running around. My life pretty much revolves around the kids, but I have started up crocheting and finally finished my first afghan. I also celebrated my 30th birthday this year. I think I am still in denial of being in my 30's... maybe by the time I turn 40 I will have adjusted. :) I have had a couple of callings this year, but as it stands right now I am on the Enrichment committee for the Relief Society. I LOVE the sisters in our ward and it's fun working with them.

Sophie (3) is still our pretty princess in pink. She is our girly girl through and through. In fact last night she told me "we needed to buy more babies because she was running out." This coming from the girl who has AT LEAST 20 baby dolls. LOL! Sophie has had a big year as she has started preschool and dance class. She enjoys both once she is there, but if truly given a choice she would MUCH prefer to just stay at home with mom always. She's my mommies girl, which I am sucking up as much as possible because I KNOW there will come a day when she wants ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me. She is our comedian.... which I have NO idea where she gets it from.... but she is DANG funny!!!!

Jeremiah (3) is our compassionate lil spit fire. He feels stronger than the others and truly cares when someone else is hurt or upset, and will be the first one to try and give a hug or kiss to make them feel better. He is OBSESSED with playing the drums and got his FAVORITE present a couple of months early when Jon found a full drum set at a garage sale for $20. Luckily, we have a big enough shed in the backyard to house the drums... so I don't have to hear them all day. Jeremiah is our daddy's boy and can't get enough of playing ANY type of sport with his daddy.

Joshua (3) is our ACTIVE one who ALWAYS makes sure that mom is up EARLY and that I get my exercise in for the day. We are VERY thankful that we have a large fenced in yard so he has plenty of space to run and play. He is a LOVER of life and is rarely ever upset or sad, and his smile TRULY can light up the world. He likes to make it difficult when I'm disciplining him by giving me kisses as I'm talking to him. Joshua is all about anything that moves....give him a bike, truck, car or train and he's a happy boy.

We have been blessed to have another amazing year as a family, and we look forward to 2011 with anticipation!

We hope you have a VERY blessed Christmas season and an amazing 2011. Our prayers are with you!

Jon, Franna, Sophie, Jeremiah and Joshua Larsen

New Years Resolution

Hello, to all of you that check my blog and are wondering if I still exist. I am still here, I have just been VERY frustrated with blogger the last couple of months so I had given up with posts. However, for the new year one of my resolutions is get back to blogging and try to update at least once a week. So, check back there will HOPEFULLY be much more to come!