Thursday, February 26, 2009


After making daily phone calls, sending letters and lots and LOTS of prayers, we finally got ahold of the Dept of Children and Families. We have been waiting since Dec. 5th to set up and have our home study to become foster parents. And finally it's done!!! YAH! We had our home study this morning. Now the waiting game begins again. Although, the wait shouldn't be too long. They said that we should have a child (most likely a baby) within the next week to two weeks. We are SOOOOO excited!!!

Another weigh in

It's time post the results:
Franna: started at 154
new weight: 150
loss of 4 lbs. (2.5%)
Total weight loss: 17 lbs (10%)
Jon: started at 277
new weight: 270
loss of 7 lbs. (2.5%)
Total weight loss: 41 lbs. (13%)

Family visit

My dad and his girlfriend Amy came down this last weekend to visit. We had a lot of fun catching up. Sophie loved playing with grandpa's hat, and she absolutely insisted on "dragging" Amy all around. And I had a blast taking a ride with dad on his Harley.

They cooked us good ole fashioned camp food, at the park they were staying at. SOOO GOOD!! And we got to break our diet for the day...yum, yum!!

Finger painting

Yup, that's my daughter finger painting on the floor guessed it YOGURT. I love how she's looking at and checking out her work, like it's a work of art. I guess there is one good thing about this... it was on the tile and not the carpet.

Beads, beads and MORE beads

It's Mardi Gras time again. So of course we had to go to at least one parade this year. Luckily, for us one of the parades in the area is held only a block away from our house. Sophie definitely racked up some beads.

Even her bear (that she got in the parade) had beads!!

Happy Love Day

Ok, so I know this is a "little" late, but I had to show you how wonderful my husband is. (Sorry, I hate to brag...but, he is GREAT!!)

Jon, had all of the flowers and stuff set up on the table for me when I woke up. I was walking out to take the dogs out and almost fell flat on my face because the flowers scared me so much. He is so thoughtful and caring, and I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband. On Valentine's night we were able to get a babysitter and go out to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and than we went and saw "He's just not that into you". The food was great (we went there because they have quite a few low-cal dishes---I highly recommend them for good, healthy and well priced food.) And the movie was HYSTERICAL!!!

R.I.P. Sherbert

Here is the story of Sherbert. When we were at the Zoo last month, a man in the petting zoo showed Jon this really cool looking snake (if there is such a thing as a "cool looking" snake) called a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Well, as my husband likes to do he became obsessed with wanting to get one. So, for a "surprise" Valentine's present I got him one. (Yah I know I'm crazy!!)

Sadly, he only lived about two weeks. Fortunately, the pet store owner was nice enough to agree to replace him.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drum roll please....

By request here are this weeks numbers from our weigh in:
Franna: started at 159
new weight: 154
Loss of 5 lbs. (3.1%)
Total weight loss: 13 lbs (7.7%)
Jon: started at 285
new weight: 277
Loss of 8 lbs. (2.8%)
Total weight loss: 34 lbs. (10.9%)
I actually beat my husband's weekly percentage!! Yay for me. But look at his GOOO Jon. What an inspiration!!