Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surprise... SUPRISE!!!!

We had the opportunity to pull off one of the BEST suprises EVER this summer!!!
Jon's grandparents both turned 90 in July!!!!
We received the invitation to the party two weeks beforehand and we both knew INSTANTLY that we had to find a way to make it there. No one in the family knew that we were coming. (which I have to say was a HUGE feat since they are ALL on facebook, and I live on facebook)
It was awesome we walked in and everyone was in the kitchen so we sent the kids in... and then the screams and the tears came. I have to say if you ever have the chance to pull something like this off... DO IT!!! It was such a blast and we will remember that day for the rest of our lives!

Aren't they SOOO adorably cute?!?!?!?

Aunt Corinne, Jon's dad Ken and Aunt Karen

The whole Larsen family
I am SOOO blessed to have married into such a wonderful, loving family!

I am STILL here... I swear!! :)

Well, I feel like I have been saying this every other post, but I am going to try and catch you up on our summer, and all our crazy fun that has been going on.
Before, I start with pictures and individual events let me let you know what's going on with the boys.
First of all, we still have them. But there was information that was given to me that was wrong, so things aren't necessarily as good as we thought they were. We did have our last court hearing where the judge ordered to terminate the parental rights of their birth parents. Unfortunately, we are still stuck at that point in the process. The social worker did finally get all the paperwork done that she needed and it has been sent to the Attorney General. Next, we need to have ANOTHER court hearing where they will finalize the termination. Then, (if they terminate... which they should) then the birth parents will have an opportunity to appeal the decision. (which I have heard through the grapevine that they are planning on doing so) Finally, AFTER the appeal process (if everything is still in our favor) THAN we will be able to start the adoption. So, I'm sure you can imagine that this whole process is EXTREMELY hard for someone with absolutely NO patience. Heavenly Father is gonna make me learn patience one way or another.