Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New update...

We have had a VERY busy summer! The kids and I were able to go to Wisconsin to see the fam and friends for 2 weeks. I actually braved the 18 hour drive ALL BY MYSELF with the kiddos. Thank goodness for dvd players!!!! The kids actually surprised me and did AMAZINGLY well. We had a BLAST catching up with all the grandparents and the rest of the fam. Thanks to great timing I was also able to catch up with a good friend from Highschool that was also in town with her kiddos. The whole trip was so much fun... I can't wait til we do it next summer! (I've been blessed to go back home every summer since Sophie was born)
After we got home our house hunting continued. (We have made the decision to stay in Mississippi and with the new baby coming we have decided that its time to buy a house) FINALLY after 2 failed deals and seeing close to 30 homes we finally found our house. It was in the construction phase but not 100% completed so we have been able to make some changes to personalize it to our liking. We are EXTREMELY excited to say the least, and if all goes as planned we should be in the house by the end of September.
As if having a baby and buying a house wasn't enough going on we also decided to get a puppy. We decided the kids were getting old enough to start handling some of the responsibility and the joy that comes along with a as of last week we added a 7 week old American Bulldog named "Kit" to our family. So far she has been a joy to have and the kids are having a BLAST.
One last update has to do with the boys. I recieved a phone call from DHS yesterday letting us know that they were going to overnight the necessary paperwork to our Attorney and also ask them to expedite the process.... which all means that the boys' adoption could be completed within the next couple of weeks. FINALLY!!!!

Sophie's 1st day of Pre-K

Sophie obviously was VERY excited to go to school this morning... she woke up @ 6:15. This is the girl that I usually cant get out of bed before 9. She got up and had her favorite breakfast...pancakes (with chocolate syrup and "smiley face" reddi whip), sausage and o.j. and then we were off. (Ofcourse not before Mom got a "few" pics)

check out that smile.... what a ham?!?! (unfortunately she got her momma's eyes, when she smiles really big you can't see her eyes anymore)

SOOOOO cute!!!

On the way into class. She gets the red door this year... she thought that was pretty cool.

Sophie's new teacher.... Miss Jenny.

Sitting at her desk. This year they get desks instead of tables.