Monday, April 28, 2008

Going out!!

We have to give a "HUGE" shout out to our friend Amy and her son Jayson for letting Sophie come over and play with them tonight. Amy was kind enough to watch Sophie so Jon and I were able to go out on a "REAL" date. We went and saw the new movie "21" (about some MIT students that take use their intelligence to count cards and try to break the casinos). After seeing the movie (which was pretty good) we went out and had Sushi. (Kind of scary for me, because I am very leary of any new types of food) But to my surprise the sushi was actually really good. Thank you again Amy for giving us this opportunity to have this private time, and definitely Thank you to Jon for taking your wife on a date.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New websites

Amy, was sweet enough to pass on these new LDS web sites. They are awesome and have so many ideas and information. I added the links under my favorite websites. They are and . I hope you like them as much as I do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New adventures

Sophie got to experience the swings for the very first time today. We meet every week for mother's group, but the park we usually meet at doesn't have any toddler swings. Luckily, we rotated parks this week. So, here she is just a giggling away. She thought they were hilarious at first, and then she just kind of laid back and it looked like she was going to go to sleep. I want to be a kid again and have all these fun experiences.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen....

We were coming back from the mall and I looked back to see what Sophie was giggling about, and this is what I saw. She was repeatedly trying to stick her foot in her mouth. She is the BEST comic relief ever!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New widget!

You may have noticed the new ABC video widget to the right. Well, ABC has vowed to plant 1 new sapling for every 10 videos viewed through "widgits". So, I thought I would do my part and post it. Hopefully, we will see some great videos in the meantime.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey get out of my way............

We were waiting to pick up Jon from work, and while we were there Sophie decided she thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS to try and drive.
Look out everyone!! She's putting the pedal to the metal.

Cut, Cut, Snip, Snip

So, I finally gave in and decided my little girl needed a hair cut. Jon's only been bugging me about it for like two months now. I guess he thought that she might like to actually see out of her eyes. (I don't know why seeing is THAT important?!?!? LOL!)

(Here is Sophie before. Check out that Fro!!)

Here is the after. Still a little fro-ish (is that a word??), but it's better. The lady that cut her hair, told me about half way through that she wasn't trained to cut kids hair. So, it didn't end up as good as I would have liked, but atleast she can see now. And actually they did cut off about an inch and a half.

Here's the final result after a little water was used to tame the craziness a little. It amazes me how curly her hair is. I can't get my hair to curl that much even with a perm. (I think she was in shock in this picture. She must have been thinking "Mom, why would you let someone come at my head with a sharp scissors?"

Out for a stroll.

Living in the south definitely has some advantages. One of them is that we are already experiencing temperatures in the mid 70's and above. This warmth gives us plenty of opportunity for some outside activities. Which is exactly what we did last week. We decided to take a walk along the beach. Which then also turned into a fishing expedition for Jon. (Luckily for me, the water was at low tide which meant bad fishing. If you didn't know..... I HATE fishing!! )
(Does anyone think I could look any cheesier?!?!?)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

.......12 Month Check-up........

So, we went in for Sophie's 12 month check up yesterday, and we got her new stats.
Weight: 21 lbs. 11 ounces (50 %)
Height: 30 3/4 in. (90%)
She only gained a pound since her last check up, but she has grown almost 2 inches.
Now, because of her weight and age she is finally in a "big girl" carseat. She gets to face forward and see what the world really looks like from the car.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sophie's 1st Birthday Pics

We just had Sophie's pictures taken at Sears the other day, and we thought we would include the link so that you can check them out if you like. She did so good during the pictures. I could not believe how well she held the poses and how good she smiled. We were done in about 20 minutes. I was shocked. We hope you like them, although how could you not, she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My little girl is 1 years old today. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sophie... She is such an amazing little girl and it is so fun to see her grow up. She is now not only crawling but racing me around the house. She also has learned how to pull herself up. So she walks along the furniture as far as she can, than she crawls to the next piece and continues the cycle. She is SOOO awesome!

Monday night we had her birthday party. Our friends Katie, Dan and Vince, Amy and Jayson and Amy and Warren came over and Tee (who works with Jon) stopped by for a few moments. Sophie LOVES playing with Vince and Jayson and seeing what the "older" boys can do.

Our friends spoiled my daughter with their fabulous gifts. Amy & Warren gave Sophie her very own fairy designed plate set. From Tee she got a talking purse. The purse even came with her very own money. From Katie, Dan and Vince we got a BEAUTIFULLY made name canvas.

(Katie--I still can't believe you made that!!!) Good thing my friends have crafty ability, because Sophie would never get anything like that from me. And last but not least, from Amy, Joey and Jayson we got a "Choose The Right" plaque, and some new clothes. Thank goodness for that seen as "our little peanut" has grown out of almost everything she owns.

I am so Thankful to all of our friends and for their generosity to my daughter.

I also need to give a shout out to my family that gave Sophie a walk behind push toy. Thank you all!

The other fun part of the night was ofcourse the the cake. You definitely can not have a 1st Birthday without the cake, and let me tell you it was absolutely HILARIOUS.

Here is the before......

Isn't she so dang cute!!!!

and after...

Thank goodness for baths.....and Thank goodness even more for Daddy who gave her the bath. You are the best DADA ever!!

Happy Birthday to you Sophie, our darling princess, you are such a wonderful daughter, and we are so blessed to have you in our life. We Love You Forever---- Mom & Dad!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Branson.... here we out!!

Saturday, March 22nd Sophie and I set out on a trek cross country to meet up with family in Branson, MO. (my aunt Kay used their timeshare there, so the whole family could get together) We met up with my aunt Kay, Uncle Mark and their two boys Paul and Dennis. Also, there was my uncle Kevin and his two Erin and Ryan. My grandfather also came down with Kevin. (They all came from Wisconsin... so Branson was the middle point for all of us) Luckily, the 13 hour drive was pretty uneventful. (that's right I said 13 hour drive by myself with a 1 yr. old--- I thought this was supposed to be a vacation) We had fun over the next couple of days starting with an Easter egg hunt, and Easter feast (prepared by my aunt Kay). We had fun on Monday riding the go-carts. That was hilarious watching my aunt and uncle on this wooden track vibrating so hard they could hardly drive the cart. Sophie got to go swimming and lounge in her blow up bear, while my cousins battled it out in pool basketball. All in all it was a great trip, but next time whether he likes it or not Jon is going with us!!!!