Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have news, News NEWS

We finally had our court hearing on the 9th. After 2 1/2 hours in the courtroom, the judge told us that he needed to review everything before issuing his verdict. Which we FINALLY got last Wednesday. The judge has decided that the parents would have their rights terminated for ALL 5 of the kids in the family. (Joshua and Jeremiah have an older brother and two older sisters that are also in the system) They now have 20 days to file an appeal, and than after that we can officially start the adoption process. As you can see we aren't done with the whole process YET, but we are rounding 3rd and heading towards home plate...... YAH!!!!


I guess since it has happened I HAVE to finally admit it.... Yes, the rumors are true! I am
Yikes, I have said it... that REALLY means it's true. :(
I did have a FANTASTIC birthday, so I'm not completely sad about the fact, but I always thought when I was growing up that I would feel different or have my life the way that I completely wanted it by the time I hit 30. And that is DEFINITELY not the case. But enough about the sad lets focus on the happy...
I woke up to ROSES, a brand new laminator (that I've been begging for... for FOREVER) and CHOCOLATE! The cutest part of this was Sophie running into my room before I had seen everything, and telling me that there were flowers and M&M's. She was too excited to hold in the secret. :) We had a fun morning with the kids playing in their pool... and than it got crazy.
I was KIDNAPPED! That's right, I was blindfolded, put into a car that I didn't know and with people driving that wouldn't talk to me. I was driven around for 20 minutes before we reached our destination. When we finally got there, they took the blindfold off to reveal my two best friends Amber, and Josie had taken me to Olive Garden for lunch. After there we all went and had spa pedicures done. It was an AWESOME afternoon... and my birthday celebration didn't stop there. We then all met (Josie & her husband, Amber and her husband and than Jon and I) at our house... which is where we left ALL 7 of our kids with a babysitter and we went out for the night. This included Sushi for dinner, games and cake @ Josie's and than bowling.
I am TRULY blessed to have the friend's and family that I have. They ALL made my birthday SOOOO special, and if I would have known turning 30 was going to be this much fun I would have done it along time ago. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We finally had our court hearing for the boys. After 2 1/2 hours in the courtroom, the judge told us he needed to review everything and get back to us. So, hopefully we will have a verdict sometime this coming week. I will post the results as soon as I know anything.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our new results...

I am going to preface these newest results by saying that both Jon and I have been a little stressed the last couple of weeks, and when we are stressed we eat. So ta da.... here goes....
Starting weight: 146lbs.
Current weight: 145
Loss of 1 lb. (.7%)
Starting weight: 241lbs.
Current weight: 239lbs.
Loss of 2 lbs. (.8%)
Not great results by any standard, but at least it was still a loss. Hopefully, after this next court hearing is done we can settle back into normalcy and work hard to meet our weight loss goals again.

Must Read!!!

I just finished it... and it was FANTASTIC!!! I can NOT wait until the library has the 2nd one in for me... and then August the third will come out. YAH!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Hurricane Season

Happy June 1st... which means its HURRICANE SEASON! YAH!!! I'm so excited.... NOT!!!
Please everyone keep us all in your prayers that we will make it through another season with no major issues.

New addition

This is the new addition to our family and my husband's new love. Jon had lost his phone about a month ago, and after a couple of weeks of looking we finally broke down and got a new phone. We decided to upgrade the type of phone and join this new 3G era. Ofcourse, as always happens we found the phone about a week after buying the new one. But it actually works well because now we will have an extra phone to leave at home as a "home phone".