Thursday, June 23, 2011


Man... I don't know what has happened to me and my blogging, but I am REALLY still alive, I promise. You'd think with the amount that I'm on the computer that I would have hourly posts on here, but something always seems to hold me back. We have had a crazy couple of months.
April, was filled with parties! We had Sophie's 4th birthday, a friend's birthday party and Easter. It was fun but as always also ALOT of work.
May, was filled with SICKNESS....BLAH! We started the month off with Sophie having Pneumonia, which unfortunately caused her to miss most of the last two weeks of school. After that we were plagued with colds that just kept passing through our home. I haven't really decided what's worse yet... being a sick momma and having to take care of the munchkins or having to take care of the sick munchkins. Pretty much though both of them are NOT fun! May was also a month of new revelations for the Larsen family. It started out with a lot of prayer and we finally decided that for now our family needs to stay put in Mississippi so we have started the hunt for a house to purchase. While on that hunt I realized that I was a few days "late" so I decided to take a pregnancy test just to make sure before we made this HUGE purchase. Low and behold we found out we are EXPECTING baby #4. We are very happy but VERY surprised. Our lil peanut is due to arrive around January 28th of 2012.
June so far has been a VERY quick month. We have been traveling back and forth to doctors appts, and appts with the realtor. I am TRYING my hardest to keep up, but I have been WAAAY more tired with this pregnancy than the previous ones. Naps are a moms BEST friend!! We have also had fun celebrating Father's day this month and my 31st Birthday. My husband is soooo awesome that my birthday actually got extended into a three day celebration.
Sophie, Jeremiah and Joshua are as always wonderful, happy and VERY energetic children. We have an outdoor pool at the gym we belong to so we have spent as much time there swimming as possible. This has also helped there's AMAZING how fast they can crash after an afternoon in the sun having fun.

Ok, I have to go for now... but I REALLY am going to try and do better at keeping you up to date with all of our crazy family adventures. There may not be many pics though because for some reason blogger HATES me and it doesn't like me adding pics, but I promise I will continue to try.

Coming in July.... Look out for the Larsen's in Wisconsin. I am daring the 18 hour drive with 3 children ALL by myself. Hopefully, we all make it there safe and sound! Have a Happy, Safe and Wonderful 4th of July!