Friday, September 26, 2008


Just in case you didn't know this, cell phones don't like to be washed in the washing machine. So, if anyone is keeping track (and I hope you are, because I have lost track) that was either the 3rd or 4th phone that has hit the water this year. And these are all my fault. But I am at least being creative. One went through the washer, one hit the bucket of bleach water, one splashed into the bath with Sophie and who can forget the one that took a dive into the toilet. So, I guess it's been four. I think if it happens again, my husband is going to put a lifetime ban on cell phones!!

Thank goodness for phone insurance!!!! :)

My "Sweet" Husband

So, I have to preface these pictures, by telling you that my husband is not a baker. In fact, he has never made a cake before.

Isn't my husband the most AMAZING ever!! I was so shocked when he made this for me. And man does he know how to make me happy, give me a HUGE chocolate cake. What a smart man!!!!!

Up, up and away

Two things that should never go together..... 17 month old and airplanes.

We had the great opportunity to fly up to Wisconsin to see all of friends and family. It is soooo nice to go back home and see everyone. All though one week just is never enough!! I can't even remember all that we did, because everyday we were running somewhere to see someone. Oh well, that's the life of a "rockstar" right?? We did have fun seeing Grandma Marie. Sophie unfortunately was tired so she wasn't as friendly as usual. But by the end of the visit she started to warm up a bit and actually sat in her lap for pictures.

Here is Sophie (once we finally got home) modeling and showing off her outfit she got from Grandma.

Sophie and Grandpa watching football.

We had a blast going to the zoo for Sophie's first time, with "auntie Linna," Talia, and Braxton. Sophie really needs to learn that there are other animals than a dog though. Every animal she saw she barked at. It was soooooo cute.

Lots to gab about

I am sooooo sorry that I have not blogged anything recently. I am a major SLACKER!!!! So, first off I have some random pictures of Sophie over the last month that need to be shown off.

Check out the "Michael Jordan" impersonation my daughter is pulling off.

Gotta love impulse buys from Walmart like these cute Duck slippers. The amazing part is that she actually likes them and likes wearing them. Who knew??

Who doesn't love a picture of a sleeping baby?!?!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can you guess?

Can you guess who made which?

For our family home evening activity we colored pictures out of our "Noah and the animals" coloring book. This is one of Sophie's favorite new activites. If you haven't figured it out my beautiful daughter drew that amazing picture of the ark on the right. I think we have the next Picasso in our midst.

Splish Splash

We thought we would take advantage of our sunny, beautiful day today. (especially since we haven't seen the sun in a week). We also had an extra special reason to enjoy the day. Jon was home today, as he does not start back at work until tomorrow. So, we got an extra day home with Dada, YAH!!!! So, you may ask how do you spend a sunny day in the south. Well, in a pool, OF COURSE!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Labor Day

So, we didn't get to have the typical Labor Day. No cook outs or time at the beach for us. Instead we were on lockdown at our church, where we evacuated to thanks to our friend Hurricane Gustav.

It wasn't all bad though. We had brought our laptop, so we watched a couple of movies. But, by far the highlight of our stay there was the opportunity to play our favorite game again. "Settlers of Catan, Cities and Knights" is by far the best game ever. Luckily, our RS pres. brought it, so we played a few games.

Just to give a full update. We came home early Tuesday morning and luckily had absolutely no damage to our home. Jon's job said they had some minimal damage, so they should be opening hopefully tomorrow. We are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for protecting us and comforting us through these rough times!!!!