Saturday, March 23, 2013

Devastation + frustration = DESIRING to quit

We had our 3rd week weigh in this past Wednesday, and lets just say that it did NOT go the way that I was hoping.  (It's probably a good thing I waited a couple of days to post this because I was REALLY not in a good place after my weigh in)  Here's the numbers:

        Starting weight: 170lbs
        Current weight: 168lbs
        Weight loss:  2 lbs
         % of weight loss: 1.2%

Ok, now I know most people would ask why was I so upset.  I had a loss... I SHOULD be happy!!! However, I had had such an AMAZING week before the weigh in... I kept my diet and worked out 6/7 days so I REALLY wanted a bigger number and the fact that I didnt even meet my minimum goal of 2.5 lbs was EXTREMELY upsetting to me.  Thankfully, I have a husband supporting me through this, otherwise I probably would have completely spiraled back into old habits.  He got me up and working out on Thursday and even though it was a HORRIBLE experience on the bridge that day I did get up and I was moving and that is WAAAAY more than I used to do.... so I call it a VICTORY!!!  Here's hoping that next weeks results will be a little more promising but I am just really hoping for my min of 2.5 lbs!

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